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The Newest Heavy Hitter!
I was at work one day and there was this guy on a site I hadn't seen before. It had timers going and products being sold dirt cheap. As I watched intently, he started to tell me all the things he had won on the site, and how much they cost him. I was in shock: tablets, kindles, dvds, game systems and all this other stuff for so cheap ... it was too good to be true! I started to watch the site, learning who the heavy hitters were and how they won. Then one day my friend ran out of his office, giddy as ever. He had just won a 55'' inch television for $0.73! At that point I was in. I signed up for Beezid and had my first win in minutes (a BluRay), then another win and another win. As a father of three, Beezid has saved my family tons of money, and it continues to do so, with gift cards and products WAY below retail. I LOVE the site and the customer service reps are always there to help and solve problems. Keep it up Zid! I've been a member since late 2012 and I believe I've done quite well on the site. But I'm only getting started ... Christmas shopping is right around the corner!
- Charles B.
the newest heavy hitter! - won at beezid

Beezid Goes Above and Beyond!

beezid goes above and beyond!  - won at beezid
My experience with Beezid has been good. I have won 4 auctions since I started bidding a few weeks ago. Beezid values my business and goes above and beyond to help me to be successful on their site. I have been satisfied with all aspects of Beezid including, but not limited to the site, customer service and personal service from the call [...]
- James C

Big Winner on Beezid and in Life!

big winner on beezid and in life!  - won at beezid
I have had an excellent time buying on Beezid. In a matter of hours, I won everything you need for a great camping trip; a huge tent, two-way radios, a kayak, a wonderful Canon DSLR camera, and most importantly a coach purse to bribe my wife so I could stay on the lake all weekend. But that's not all, I have won everything pictured plus a [...]
- Dustin R.

Clean Shaven and Winning Big!

clean shaven and winning big!  - won at beezid
We just started using Beezid when my girlfriend won me this awesome razor. It was so fun to compete and win one of our first items. Beezid has made things fun and interesting while trying to win something we want.
- Mike O.
Loving Beezid in the UK
Great website! Here I am pictured with one of my 3 TV's I have won, along with a camcorder and plenty of other things. This is a great penny auction site, the best I have been on. Every item has turned up promptly, even though I live in the UK. Thanks again BEEZID and all the very helpful staff!
- Colin U.
loving beezid in the uk - won at beezid

Saving Big & Winning Even Bigger

saving big & winning even bigger - won at beezid
My first time using Beezid, I won a Toshiba HDTV. Beezid is the best site ever, I've saved so much by using the site. If anyone wants to save a lot go to Beezid, it's really worth bidding on this site.
- Maricar G.

Beezid Support Helped Make me a Winner

beezid support helped make me a winner - won at beezid
I've been on Beezid for a while. At first, it wasn't easy to win auctions but thanks to Beezid support, I have won many items, including the Walkie-Talkies I'm holding in this picture. Now I keep winning everything from gift cards to Bid Packs and I'm having lots of fun doing it!
- Patricia F.

Four Pennies - First Time Win

four pennies - first time win - won at beezid
One of my first wins on Beezid was the Ultra 2.0 USB Hub. I was surprised at how easy it was to win on Beezid! The best part is, I only paid 4 cents for it!!! I am excited to win more awesome items and then win some more!!
- Tanner L.

The Power of Patience

the power of patience - won at beezid
I thought at first I would never win, but I kept patient and stuck to just one item and it paid off when I won the Blu-Ray player. Since then, I have won 5 more auctions. Beezid is great and I plan on using this site for a long time coming.
- Bryan R.

Generous Beezidder

generous beezidder - won at beezid
I love winning gift cards on Beezid and I love giving them to my kids even more!
- Richard M.

Saving & Winning

saving & winning - won at beezid
I've only been on this site for less than a month and I have already won some high priced items for little or no money. It was my first time trying a penny auction site and I sure am glad I tried this one!
- Yolonda R.
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