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Beezid is pleased to bring you its first ever Masters Event. You can expect the usual favorite auction types and features, but this 4 day event has a special lock system with 6 “Golf Locks”.

These locks are in effect throughout the entire event,
adding a whole new level of strategy!

Load up on wins on day one, wait until the last day, spread the wins out evenly, follow the winners and note what lock levels they can't play in, and more! Whatever strategy you employ, remember the locks remain in effect during event hours only, so if you get locked out early, you can still bid but just not in the event.
Keep a look-out for a surprise DIAMOND lock , which may appear at any time during the event.
So get your funny pants on, start whispering and practice your golf clap because it's the Masters at Beezid.


Round I - Thursday April 11th, 6pm to midnight EDT

It's round I at Beezid's Masters event and your caddy, Zid is waiting at the tee with your clubs. Today you're in for a quicker bonus bid drain
(3 to 1), free shipping, a price freeze of $3.21 on everything and a solid spot on the leaderboard!

Caddy's tip:  Remember there are 6 locks for the entire Masters so you can choose when you want to play!


Round II – Friday April 12th, 6pm to midnight EDT

On this second day of the Masters at Beezid, you can expect all auctions frozen at $2!

Caddy's advice:  The strategy for this event is different as you can rack up lots of wins in a single day, spread them out or wait until the competition gets locked out


Round III – Saturday April 13th, 6pm to midnight EDT

You've made it to round three, congrats. As the names drop down the leaderboard, here's your chance to catch up… and it's blue skies and perfect shots all day with gift cards and shopping sprees and all prices frozen at $3!

Caddy's hint:  This is the home stretch. The deals are out there and if you aren't on the leaderboard yet, today's the day to strike!


The Final Round – Sunday April 14th from noon to midnight EDT

April is a beautiful month in the world of golf, but even better in Beezid's world of auctions! It's the finals and you have a selection of any auction while Beezid features them all! Look out for your favorites and go for the green jacket!

Caddy's tip:  Big bank, shoot for the risk free ABB. Medium and small banks, cruise through the closed auctions and see which Masters have moved out of the way for you to grab the win!