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Black Friday -

On November 26th 2010, celebrate Black Friday Beezid-style! The biggest shopping day of the year can now be enjoyed from the comfort of your home thanks to Beezid's Black Friday Bonanza. In case you missed out on Beezid's Birthday Bash or even if you didn't, we're doing it again. Get back every bid you place and pay no more than 50% off retail for the 24 hours during Black Friday.

We received a lot of feedback on what we could improve upon from our loyal members and we are glad to announce some improvements to the format that made the Birthday Bash such a roaring success.

Here's a rundown of how everything will go down during Beezid's Black Friday Bonanza:

Consequence-free Bidding

Every bid you place on qualified auctions during the 24 hour Black Friday Bonanza period will be credited back to your account within seconds of the auction's completion, whether you win the auction or not. It sounds crazy, but that's Beezid's promise to you. Every bid you use during the 24 hours of the Bonanza will be credited back to your account within seconds of the auction's completion, guaranteed. See below for more details.

Guaranteed Low Prices

Here at Beezid, we realize that our users are accustomed to getting great deals on factory-sealed name brand merchandise no matter what day of the year it is. Accordingly, we are FREEZING auction prices at a maximum of 50% OFF the actual retail price of the item. What that means is for the 24 hour Black Friday Bonanza period, the winning bid on every auction will be between 50-99% off retail. So don't be worried if you don't see the price changing during the auction, that's just Beezid making sure you don't pay anything close to retail on your wins!

Here's what you need to know about this day:

  • Take full advantage of Beezid's Black Friday Bonanza! For every auction with an action time between 12:00 am - 11:59 pm EST, we'll give you ALL your bids back, whether you win or not! Even if the auction you're bidding on ends past 11:59 pm EST, as long as the reset timer was active during the Black Friday Bonanza period, the bids are yours for keeps so you can use them again on your next auction!
  • Remember, this promotion is not to be confused with our "Bid for Free" auctions. You'll need to buy bids ahead of time in order to cash in on this offer, and we'll return them to you as soon as the auction ends. Free bids however, will not be returned to your account but can still be used on Cherry auctions.
  • Any bonus offers that can be applied on a shipping or item discount cannot be applied on these auctions. They will however remain in your account and can be redeemed towards future auctions. Any Bid Pack promos can be redeemed as usual.
black friday auction locks
  • To ensure that we spread the winning around, we've made some special changes to the "LOCK" system. These changes will allow to spread the winnings around, regardless of any current locks on your account. The new and improved lock system allows you to win even more! Auctions identified with a GOLD lock allow THREE auction wins. Auctions identified with a SILVER lock allow FOUR auction wins while our Bid Pack auctions have a BLACK lock which allow UNLIMITED auction wins. For more information on Locks and auction restrictions, check our help section, under Auctions.
There you have it. With 24 hours of mind-blowing savings and
consequence free bidding, who wants to wait in line at a store?!?!
One day only, November 26th 2010 at
If you haven't signed up yet, now is the time!
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