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April 20th, 22nd, 25th, 28th, 30th 2013

Featuring New Element Locks:

What better way to cruise through spring than to score big during our second annual “Green Savings Event”! Get your granola in gear, because this one isn’t just for the tree-huggers out there, it’s also for tech lovers, bargain hunters, gift getters and thrill seekers!

This promo has 5 events, featuring 5 “Element Locks”, Earth, Wind, Fire, Water & Zid. You can win 2 locks of each kind, except the Zid lock. That one is good for one win. Look out for these (and maybe even a few surprise locks) throughout all the days of this 2nd Green Savings Event. Whether you reuse or recycle, you’re going to have a blast grabbing unbelievable deals on all of your favorite items.

Event I – Earth

Saturday, April 20th, 2013 from noon to midnight EDT
Earth Day comes early featuring Trophy Auctions of all types!

Pink Trophy Auctions where if the winner is female, she gets all her bids back and the item! (Guys just get a great deal)

Navy Trophies where if the winner is male, he gets back all of his bids when he wins! (Girls just get the item at a great deal)

Light Blue Trophies, also known as Converters, where the auction winner gets all bids back as Regular bids, even if they went in as Promo bids!

Gold Trophies where the winner gets all the bids he/she placed in auction back when he/she wins the item

Bonus: All Trophy auctions will have a Price Freeze on them from as low as 1 cent to as high as $5!

Event II – Wind

Monday, April 22nd from 6pm to midnight EDT

Who’s bringing deals/ for all Beezid members/ Who’s shipping free/ for all to enjoy/ Who’s taking bonus bids/ at 3 to 1/ Everyone knows it’s Windy It may be Earth Day, but it’s whipping wind here at Beezid and the auctions will send chills down your spine like a cold breeze of auction thrills that feature a (brrrr) Price Freeze as well as Free Shipping!

Bonus: Look out for Big Combos and Ghost auctions!

Event III – Fire

Thursday, April 25th from 6pm to midnight EDT

The Auctions are blazing hot as we feature Turbo auctions with Autobeezids at blistering speeds, a Bid Pack blow-out and Mystery auctions! Crank up the AC, because the heat is on!

Bonus: Mystery auctions can be almost anything! With many Bid Packs, they will be going for insanely low prices!

Event IV – Water

Sunday April 28th starting at noon through to midnight EDT

It’s a tidal wave of winners as Beezid runs double the amount of usual auctions! Get ready to score BIG with tons of auctions, and where there’s tons of auctions, there’s less competition!

Bonus: Extra locks may appear! All 3 speeds will be spread out (more Regular, less Express and a little more Turbo)!

Event V – Zid

Tuesday, April 30th from 6pm to midnight EDT

The only element that really counts, our very own savings and fun bee, Zid! Zid’s happy to bring you a little bit of everything and he’s going to offer up some Z locks!!

Bonus: Zid’s throwing some Gifts your way… look out for them!!