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There's no better way to enjoy spring and get ready for summer than with a month chock full of events designed to deliver thrills, chills and incredible blow-out auction prices all month long!
Beezid is also happy to offer FREE SHIPPING for every event of the May Festival!

The May Festival will feature


You can win 2 locks of each kind, except the Yellow flower lock. That one is good for one win.

The Kentucky Derby

Friday May 3rd from 6pm to Midnight EDT &
Saturday May 4th from Noon to Midnight EDT

Highlight: Trophies/ Turbos/ $1.39 Price Freeze

All the excitement of a world class horse race without the horses! Beezid celebrates the 139th renewal of the Kentucky Derby on May 3rd and 4th featuring an overload of auctions! Speed is the name of the game while most auctions will be TURBOS and will feature a price freeze of $1.39! A race just isn't a race without TROPHIES, so look out for special TROPHY auctions throughout this 2 day event!

Cinco de Mayo

Sunday May 5th from 8pm to Midnight EDT

Highlight: All Bids Back auctions/ Price Freeze

Get ready to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in style as Beezid brings you Risk-Free auctions where every bidder gets all of their bids back at the end of the auction, whether they win it or not! As an added boost of savings and fun, all auction prices are frozen from 5% to 50% off retail.


Teacher Appreciation Day

Tuesday May 7th 6pm to Midnight EDT

Highlight: Bonus bids at 1:1/ 10% Price Freeze

Teachers are an integral part of our lives and deserve more than the recognition they receive. Join us this May in celebrating our teachers as we roll out an amazing lineup of auctions in their honor. Auctions will feature a 1:1 Bonus bid ratio. That means that for every bid you place, your next bid will be taken from your Bonus bid bank, slashing your cost per bid in half! This event will also include a 10% Price Freeze for guaranteed savings!

Beezid will be donating a percentage of Bid Pack sales to various charities including those who are helping to make our world a better place by educating our children.

(Early) International Nurses Day

Friday May 10th 6pm to Midnight EDT

Highlight: Trophies/ Ghosts

Problem: Nurses Day and Mother's Day fall on the same day this year and Beezid wants to honor both!

Solution: Move Nurses Day!

Problem solved!

If you've ever needed a doctor or a nurse, then you know how important a good nurse is. Nurses are caring creatures who have a natural instinct to help those in need, so nurses… we salute you! And what better way to salute you than with a trophy? Beezid will be rolling out the TROPHY auctions once again but this time, the bidders identities will be hidden as GHOST auctions will be in full effect. Pink Trophies, Navy Trophies, Gold Trophies, Promo Bid Converter Trophies.... Get ready for so much action that you may actually need a nurse before the event is over!

Mother's Day

Sunday May 12th from Noon to Midnight EDT

Highlights: Sprees/ Gift Cards/ 99 Cent Prize Freeze

Let's celebrate mom with auctions that she would love to win. Add in a 99 cent Prize Freeze as well as Gift Cards and Shopping Sprees to mom's favorite retailers, and you've got one heck of a Mother's Day party! Love you, mom!