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The Ultimate Shopping Weekend is coming to Beezid! It all gets started on Black Friday, November 25th 2011 at 12:00AM EST when we begin 24 hours of risk-free bidding, and a 10% price freeze on all items. We're holding Zuper Zunday on the 27th, with 24 hours of a 1% price freeze, so be sure to put on your scarves and mittens because with all that freezing, you're going to need them. Then on Cyber Monday, we launch 500 items up for bid in a 24-hour period with free shipping included on all auction wins!

Black Friday


How could something so cold be so hot? We kick off the Ultimate Shopping Weekend with a full 24 hours in which the savings are GUARANTEED at 90-99% off MSRP with a 10% price freeze.


Friday, November 25th 2011
@ 12:00AM EST


Friday, November 25th 2011
@ 11:59PM EST


Risk-Free Bidding!

If you love your bids, set them free. If they come back to you, it's Black Friday at Beezid!

When the auctions are over, everyone who participated will get all of their bids back. That's risk-free bidding, and 90-99% savings, folks.

For every auction with an active reset timer between 12:00AM EST and 11:59PM EST on November 25th 2011, we'll give you ALL your bids back, whether you win or not! Even if the auction you're bidding on ends past 11:59PM EST on November 25th 2011, all the Bids you placed are yours to keep as long as the reset timer was active during the Black Friday period, so you can use them again on your next auction!

Remember, this promotion is not to be confused with our "Bid For Free" auctions. You'll need to buy Bids ahead of time in order to cash in on this offer and they'll be returned to your account as soon as the auction ends. Free Bids will not be returned to your account but can still be used on Cherry Auctions.

According to Zid's cousin, a world-renowned meteorologist, the forecast for Sunday, November 27th calls for 1% price freezes on all of the items on Beezid. Get out your scrapers to get the frost off the windows, and get ready for 24 hours of 99% savings. A warm front will move in at 11:59PM EST that same day when the prices will thaw - but you won't believe what's coming up next!


Sunday, November 27th 2011 @ 12:00AM EST


Sunday, November 27th 2011 @ 11:59PM EST

Cyber Monday

Never before have so many auctions been made available in one day. On Monday, November 28th 2011, we will have an unprecedented 500 items up for bid. And when you win one of those auctions, you'll get that item shipped to your door absolutely free of charge. Plus, all auctions for this day will be White Lock auctions so you can win up to 3 items of any lock category. Let's recap: 500 items and free shipping. This might very well be the most exciting Cyber Monday in history!


Monday, November 28th 2011 @ 12:00AM EST


Monday, November 28th 2011 @ 11:59PM EST

What you need to know for Beezid's Ultimate Shopping Weekend

Zid Trio
  • Remember, each day of this event offers something different so be sure to read the details for each promo to take full advantage of everything we have to offer.
  • Any bonus offers that can be applied on a shipping or item discount cannot be applied on these auctions. They will remain in your account and can be redeemed on future auctions. Any Bid Pack promos can be redeemed as usual.
  • Should you have additional questions about these promos our support team is here to help. Find out about our extended hours during the Ultimate Shopping Weekend.

Featured Locks

To make sure that we spread the winnings around all weekend long, we've made some changes to the "LOCK" system, so no matter what your current lock situation is, we've got you covered.
The Ultimate Shopping Weekend lock system allows you to Win Even More!

For Black Friday and Zuper Zunday:

Auctions identified with a GOLD lock allow 1 auction win

Auctions identified with a SILVER lock allow 2 auction wins

Auctions identified with a BRONZE lock allow 3 auction wins

*Note that regular locks apply for Black Friday and Z locks apply for Zuper Zunday.

For Cyber Monday:

Auctions identified with a WHITE lock allow 3 auction wins


And of course, we will be releasing exclusive promo codes in the days leading up to this event!
Make sure to keep your eye out and use them to load up on Bids before the weekend begins!