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Beezid's Winter Carnival!

Ice Sculpture Competition

Monday Feb 18th 2013 - 6 PM to 11:59 PM EST

Use your bids to carve out the best deals on auctions that are FROZEN at ridiculous prices! Bid on iPads, tablets, hybrids of laptops and tablets and do it all with FREE SHIPPING!


Oh Yes, It's Ladies Night!

Thursday Feb 21st 2013 - 6 PM to 11:59 PM EST

Ladies get ready for this: if you win a "Pink Trophy" auction, you get all of your bids back!! Men, have no fear, you can spend the night bidding with the ladies too, but all you get when you win a Pink Trophy is a great deal!!


The Sugar Shack of Gift Cards

Saturday Feb 23rd 2013 - 6 PM to 11:59 PM EST

Go sugaring off the old fashioned way… or the Beezid way with 6 hours of amazing gift card auctions to all of your favorite retailers and as an added bonus, shipping is free!!


Ice Castle Combos

Sunday Feb 24th 2013 - 12 PM to 5:59 PM EST

Get big, we mean ICE CASTLE BIG, combos where all combo auctions feature an unusually large amount of BIDS! Brrrr… I mean "Yay!"


Frozen Sack Race… 3, 2, 1!

Wednesday Feb 27th 2013 - 6 PM to 11:59 PM EST

You'll be counting down 3, 2, 1 all night as all auction prices are frozen at $3.21 and all bonus bids get converted to regular bids at an accelerated rate of 3:1 (3 to 1, get it?). While the 3, 2, 1 is stuck in your head, count those auctions down: 3… 2… 1… YOU WIN!!


Gamers' Chalet

Friday Mar 1st 2013 - 6 PM to 11:59 PM EST

Get toasty with a hot cup of cocoa as you warm up by the fire… Because Beezid will be bringing you the hottest items from the world of gaming. More you want? How about some Trophy auctions, where the winner gets all his/her bids back?! Not enough? Okay, we'll throw in some Trophy Bid Converters too! That means that when you win this auction, all of your bids come back as regular bids, regardless of how they went in (load up on promo bid offers!).


The Ice Melter Extravaganza

Sunday Mar 3rd 2013 - 12 PM to 11:59 PM EST

Get ready to melt winter away with the heat of TURBO auctions where you GET ALL OF YOUR BIDS BACK AT THE END OF THE AUCTION WHETHER YOU WIN OR NOT! Why are we yelling? Because we're excited! The only thing that won't get melted away during this event is the guaranteed savings; ALL auctions freeze the closing prices, guaranteeing insanely low prices every time!