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10 Pet Peeves You Could Have Avoided... But Didn't

1 LeanneWins said on Thu, Apr 28th 2016, 21:14

YES to all of the above except the Reeses peanut butter cup, that is not a pet peeve I will just suck it off the paper.

2 Pennies1967 said on Sat, Apr 2nd 2016, 21:03

#4 for sure,,i think #5 should have to ride a bicycle since that tiny car is too much for them to park properly ;)

3 AINTNOSTOPPINGM said on Fri, Feb 19th 2016, 22:10

Most of these have happened to me on more than once occasion!! lol

4 themastermind19 said on Fri, Mar 4th 2016, 01:24

same here especially number 5, it's like on a daily basis lol

5 DrV2000 said on Sat, Mar 5th 2016, 12:06

Me too! Especially the parking!

6 themastermind19 said on Sun, Feb 14th 2016, 13:03

hah the third guy is doomed, feel bad

7 themastermind19 said on Sat, Feb 13th 2016, 14:36

haha too funny

8 EyeComeToWin said on Mon, Jan 12th 2015, 15:10

Number 4 is just hysterical and has likely happened to most of us whether we admit it or not LOL!! Nothing like yelling from the bathroom that you need more toilet paper HAHAHA!!!

9 themastermind19 said on Mon, Feb 15th 2016, 00:43

Couldn't agree more eyecome specially when you're playing online with your friends.

10 LeanneWins said on Wed, Dec 3rd 2014, 11:46

There's nothing worse than having to ask a stranger for toilet paper in a public washroom

11 Texanoil said on Wed, Feb 25th 2015, 14:48

I can think of 1 thing. Not having a stranger or anybody else in the washroom, and still being out of paper.

12 thatis4me said on Mon, Dec 1st 2014, 12:17

I think I've dealt with every single one of those issues listed, lol

13 lynnp1952 said on Sat, Nov 29th 2014, 22:33

Number 4 when you did a number 2!!

14 Maddog1812 said on Tue, Nov 18th 2014, 20:32

i lost one last night due to the net dropping .. ffs

15 plb30 said on Tue, Nov 18th 2014, 01:50

Ya limited connectivity during an auction is no

16 HailHydra said on Sun, Nov 16th 2014, 12:52

Limited connectivity is the worst!

17 uwillrepent said on Fri, Nov 14th 2014, 21:40

I hate it when I see a parked car diagonal when the parking lot is full

18 Maddog1812 said on Mon, Nov 3rd 2014, 16:15

running out of battery life is the worst for a gamer

19 jondegenerate said on Sun, Nov 2nd 2014, 10:41

yup I've seen em all

20 HEREFORD100 said on Thu, Oct 30th 2014, 01:48

number4 especially when it's a number2!!

21 pinglehey said on Fri, Oct 10th 2014, 21:16

These are all hilarious and true.

22 Jaleesa said on Thu, May 9th 2013, 12:01

No.4 It's like the tissue roll is never ending for everyone else, but when I get in there..there's nothing, just nothing -_-

No.5 With the milk, I remedied this by completely switching to plastic. I know it's not all that great for the environment but...well, I JUST COULDN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!

No.8 *smh* This seems to happen to me during DK Returns on Wii, when I'm on the part with train tracks & I'm in mid air jumping from one side to the next.

No.9 Grrr, just Grrr.

This is a great post, thanks for the laugh!

23 jcaballeros2 said on Sun, Apr 14th 2013, 21:53

No. 4. That one would be especially horrible in a public restroom.

24 Apollo said on Tue, Apr 2nd 2013, 04:26

Haha, I think we all had a few of those happen to us. Great post and made me laugh on this rainy, overcast work-day. Thanks!

25 lonnie1977 said on Mon, Apr 1st 2013, 20:21

the empty toilet paper roll gets me all the the time I realize it its too late

26 Irene said on Thu, Feb 28th 2013, 18:52

I hate the milk one! Number 5